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Newest Bridges + Tailpieces

  • Ashton Bailey Mandolin Tailpiece

    Ashton Bailey Mandolin Tailpiece

    Simple, sturdy and elegant. Won't bend or rattle. Easy to restring!

  • Replacement Springs for Bigsby Vibrato

    Replacement Springs for Bigsby Vibrato

    Dial in the height of your Bigsby® Vibrato
    Experiment with the height of your Bigsby Vibrato Arm, or keep them on hand in case your spring goes missing.

    from $7.75
  • Prucha Clamshell Banjo Tailpiece

    Prucha Clamshell Banjo Tailpiece

    Nickel-plated or polished brass, with string tension screw and hinged cover. Suitable for 5-string or 4-string. Attachment bolt and nut included.

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