StewMac Solder Monster

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StewMac Solder Monster

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StewMac Solder Monster

About This Item

Four helping hands, plus tool storage and safety vent
The Solder Monster holds your work while you solder, with unique long tentacles to reach into guitar cavities. It grips tiny components or entire pickguards without scratching. Its built-in wire dispenser and tool storage rack keeps your bench neat and organized.

Work clean, without poisonous fumes
Solder smoke contains serious toxins. Soldering is close work, and those fumes are right in your face. The Solder Monster's fifth arm is a vent tube that hooks to your shop vac, sucking the smoke into your vacuum's filter (connection kit included). Put the intake tube near the solder joint, and vent away those poisons.

  • Four long posable arms hold large and small parts at any angle
  • Shrink-wrap covered clips grip without scratching
  • Keeps wire spools neatly within reach
  • Tool rack holds your soldering tools
  • Reduces benchtop clutter and mess
  • Vacuum hose for venting fumes

Escaped from the StewMac shop!
We developed the Monster for our own use, hand-soldering our Golden Age Pre-wired Pickguards and Wiring Harnesses. We needed to hold large and small items at any angle, without fussy adjustments. The octopus arms work great!

“I've tried pretty much every type of helping-hand tool, and this is the best one I’ve ever used.” — Erick Coleman, guitar repairman and StewMac tech advisor

Cabinet size: 14-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 6-1/2" (368mm x 139mm x 165mm)
Arm length: approx. 20" (50cm)

Assembly required.



Product Instructions

Solder Monster Instructions

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Great idea for production shops and high-volume repairs


When I first saw the “Solder Monster” I grinned. I’m very glad I watched the video about it. It is very definitely (to my mind) a production fixture. To compare it to the small “Helping Hands” fixtures is inappropriate. The “Solder Monster” and “Helping Hands” fill very different needs.

I’ve been an Electronics Tech since I ceased being a toddler. I’ve been rewiring instruments for over forty years. In that time, I have developed techniques and fixtures that work well (for me). Its bulk and the necessary setup time would actually be an inconvenience in my shop. I already have places to keep wire and solder. I also have capture and extraction solutions in place for solder fumes, glues & solvent fumes, dust & dirt, et cetera. And all manner of lighting & illumination options…

Possibly a logical next step would be to offer “Children of Solder Monster” (individual arms, fume pickup, …) for those of us who just need enhancements to our present holding solutions, but do not require the whole monster?


Brilliant Invention


I wish I had one of these thirty years ago when I first started tinkering with replacement pickups. Might I suggest one more addition that would be super-helpful? How about an LED light on one of the arms, to illuminate dark control cavities?


Another very useful... uh.. thing, from Stew Mac


Verified Buyer

Great name, As I put it together I saw why they call it the the Monster. Had to finish it accordingly. Fun!

The arms are very responsive easy to bend. They stay right where you put them. Long enough to reach into a control cavity from many positions.

The vacuum hose is great and comes with a few extras! Tiny vacuum attachments. They adapt down from standard size and are perfect for my Orec canister with the strap. Again, very useful.

Work with allot of electrics and allot of tone seekers. Lots of mods and caps. This is the best purchase I've made in a while.

I just used it hold a pot while I adjust it's height through the F-hole. Small enough to stay out of the way. Covered tips wont mar the tubing and it pulled right back through.

The guy's thought of everything. There is plenty of dedicated space for all my stuff and the layout is just right.