Gauged Nut Slotting File Set for Mandolin

Gauged Nut Slotting File Set for Mandolin

For Light Strings - Set of 4

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For Medium Strings - Set of 4

Item # 0942
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List Price $53.98
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Gauged Nut Slotting File Set for Mandolin

About This Item

The right gauges for cutting and shaping string slots on mandolins. Four files in each set.

Our tempered edge-cut nut files produce round-bottom slots for nuts and saddles. Ensure your strings seat properly in the nut without buzzing!

Each chrome-alloy steel file has twin 4" cutting edges. Among our most popular tools, these professional files help you get the job done quickly and correctly.

Save 10% by purchasing the set
StewMac tech advisors specify these sets to match your string gauge:

#0941 For Light Strings
0.010", 0.016", 0.024", and 0.035"

#0942 For Medium Strings
0.013", 0.016", 0.028" and 0.042"

Just want one? Each file is also sold individually.

Match the file to the string gauge
Choose a file of the same size as the string, or no more than a few thousandths wider. By rocking the file side to side, you can widen the slot to fit a slightly wider string.

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My first attempt at setting up an inexpensive mandolin, and the nut files I ordered from Ste-Mac did exactly what was needed. Very happy with quality and service from Ste-Mac.