Erlewine Neck Jig Workstation

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Erlewine Neck Jig Workstation

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Erlewine Neck Jig Workstation

About This Item

Fretwork without guesswork!
The revolutionary string tension simulator for fretwork is now more versatile than ever. Redesigned and improved!

A revolution in fretwork
Dan Erlewine developed the Neck Jig using the breakthrough idea of simulating string tension with the strings off. This results in the most accurate fret and fingerboard work ever: no guesswork, and no unpleasant surprises when the instrument is restrung. Just a very satisfied player!

Proven in pro repair shops
Evolving through years of fretwork for demanding players, the Erlewine Neck Jig has become a valuable asset in busy shops around the world.

NEW! Rigid aluminum design
Sturdy aluminum beam construction adds extra rigidity without cumbersome weight, and is unaffected by humidity. Enhanced stability and reduced flex make neck deflection measurements more precise than ever before.

NEW! Adjusts for any fretted instrument
All components now feature adjustable positioning. You can jig guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins and more, including asymmetrical or custom-shaped bodies, easier and faster. The cross beams have convenient etched measurements for instrument body alignment.

The big difference: using the playing position
Rotate the angle vise, and the guitar is turned onto its side—the same position as when it's played. This is the way to measure and adjust fretboard action, instead of laying the guitar on its back with gravity pulling the neck and strings downward.

With the strings on, the neck's curvature is zeroed-in with dial calipers. When the strings come off, the Jig holds the neck in the same position as when it was strung up in the playing position. Now you can do your fretwork with total accuracy, because when you string the guitar back up the neck doesn't change.

    The Erlewine Neck Jig includes:
  • Precision dial indicators for measuring neck deflection
  • Height-adjustable jig rods
  • Peghead tensioner and jack
  • Swivel-top levelers that conform to the instrument body
  • Wooden body support slats
  • Body straps
  • Sturdy eyebolt for convenient storage on your shop wall
  • 4 setup wrenches
  • Instructions

Angle Vise:
This sturdy steel vise secures the Neck Jig to our ShopStand. It lets you tilt a jigged guitar into the playing position for neck adjustments, so you can compensate for the effects of gravity. That's precision! The 4" x 1-1/2" jaws open to 4" and the vise tilts from -10 to 120 degrees. It's also versatile for mounting jigs, fixtures or work surfaces for easy access when the Neck Jig isn't being used.

Erlewine ShopStand:
Raise and rotate the Neck Jig to the height and position that's most comfortable for you, with our space-saving industrial-grade steel workstand. It bolts to your shop floor, and includes bolts for attaching the Angle Vise. It's also a versatile, rock-steady way to hold other jigs and fixtures (our Guitar Repair Vise, too) when the Neck Jig is removed, giving you complete access to your work.

  • Height adjusts from 27" to 36"
  • Ball bearing rotation with lock
  • Base size 10" x 10" (floor bolts required); top plate 8" x 5"

Tools Included in the Neck Jig Workstation

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Product Instructions

Erlewine Neck Jig Instructions

How to assemble and jig up a guitar.

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Verified Buyer

I just got it set up, and my first guitar strapped on( ES 325). Its gonna save me some time....


Better results, less time, more accuracy


Verified Buyer

Bought the stand/vise/jig package. Easy assembly. Stand is solid and included mounting bolts are welcome. Vise is good and appears to be similar to vise offered by another woodworking supply company . The neck jig itself is outstanding. Thoughtful design, A+ parts. Straight forward set up took very little time. I've used it on two instruments since buying. Big time saver, didn't need to do any tweaking on spot problems like before the jig. Overall, better result in less time with more accuracy. Glad I made the purchase. It will pay for itself. Highly recommend.


Erlewine neck jig workstation


Verified Buyer

The neck jig is a well designed and manufactured piece. The vice works well and allowing the jig to be flipped to the playing position makes the setup more valuable. The stand is poorly made and was not welded square so when it is bolted to the floor the jig is not level. I would suggest more work on the quality of the stand and the whole package could become 5 star.


Erlewine Neck Jig Workstation


Verified Buyer

Great addition to my shop; very accurate neck leveling and support while fret-leveling. I had to do some shimming of the neck-jig to the red vice to get a good level tool set-up; no big deal if you understand the concept of level. Recommended highly.


Great New Design


I bought this after using the old model for the last decade. I had the one with the 5th string banjo tuner installed in the side. The construction is great. Its much faster to set up. Tons more options. Very reasonable price for what you get.


Erlewine Neck Jig II is a great improvement over the original!


Verified Buyer

I just received the new jig, and have it all put together, and its ready to rock. The new neck jig is just so much more adjustable than the older one. Looks fantastic!

1. Aluminum Construction instead of wood makes for a more professional looking machine.

2. Crossbars adjust to any guitar body shape. Makes jigging my Ibanez RG much better than I could on the older jig.

3. Support Rods and Dial Gauges are movable for exact placement on a guitar neck

4. Dial Gauges adjust for height much more easily without the need for visegrips, which was a pain in the butt!

5. Peghead Jack secures better and is more adjustable to fit under offset pegheads like on my Ibanez.

The only thing that I didn't like was the fact that there were no attachments to secure the main beam to the angle vise. Tilting the neck jig with a guitar in it, and just relying on the vise jaws alone is spooky. The older neck jig came with screws for securing it to the vise as an added safety feature. The new one has a nice rail running along the length of the main beam, which would be perfect for having a sliding attachment to secure it to the vise. I made up my own way of securing it using some steel and nuts, bolts, and washers. But it would be nice to see some custom hardware included to secure it.

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