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  • StewMac Buffing Wheels

    StewMac Buffing Wheels

    For a professional quality gloss
    The best soft cotton wheels for buffing instruments to a mirror finish.

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  • ColorTone Wipe-On Poly Finish

    ColorTone Wipe-On Poly Finish

    An easy to use waterbase finish. ColorTone Wipe-On Poly is a great alternative when aerosols and solvent based finishes are not appropriate.

  • Highwood Contoured Vintage Saddles for Strat - Set of 6

    Highwood Contoured Vintage Saddles for Strat - Set of 6

    Strat® saddle screws have been shredding the picking hands of players since 1954. Highwood has redesigned the vintage saddle so the adjustment screws are out of harm's way while retaining the look of the originals. The use of better quality steel improves sustain, single note definition, and harmonic response.

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  • StewMac Ukulele Kits

    StewMac Ukulele Kits

    Ukulele's are one of the hottest instruments on the market right now, people love them and just can't get enough of them. They make a great place to start if you're a new builder looking for that first project. They're simple, easy and a ton of fun (plus, they sound amazing!)

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  • S-Style Electric Guitar Kit

    S-Style Electric Guitar Kit

    Welcome to guitar building!
    If you're new to guitar building this kit's a great way to start: this is the classic electric guitar design that's fun to build, and you'll learn a lot.

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