Lace Finger Burners Humbucker Set

Lace Finger Burners Humbucker Set

Burnt Chrome

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Lace Finger Burners Humbucker Set

About This Item

WARNING: This product is known to cause serious burns. Use with extreme caution!

These high-output fire bombs pack a serious midrange gut punch. The ample crunch tone is best described as vintage low-end growl and grit with modernly defined mids. Highs are appropriately face-removing with touch sensitive dynamics and brilliant harmonics. The peak freq sits at 2540 hertz, which translates to a heavy rock sweet spot-a tonal boon to tube amp/brown sound monks. The neck pup has a thick-as-lava low-end, riff-raging mids and highs with dynamics that increase like screams of the damned as you go up the neck. Set your music on fire with the Finger Burners from Lace!

Position: Neck
Resistance: 9.5k
Peak Frequency: 2910
Inductance: 4.1 henries

Position: Bridge
Resistance: 11.3k
Peak Frequency: 2540
Inductance: 5.2 henries

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