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StewMac offers the widest range of high quality products for building and repairing stringed instruments. For half a century, our 100% guarantee has built trust with our customers. They depend on us for friendly, accurate help with all questions about lutherie.

Shop the most popular brands of guitar parts and hardware, pickups and electronics, luthier tools, and more. StewMac is your #1 source for guitar repair, hot rodding, building, and modifying guitars and stringed instruments!

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  • StewMac Adjustable Wrench

    StewMac Adjustable Wrench

    There’s no monkeying around with these wrenches!

    from $9.95
  • StewMac Super Glue GIVEAWAY Buy 3, Get 3 FREE

    StewMac Super Glue GIVEAWAY Buy 3, Get 3 FREE

    We're so sure you'll love our glues, we'll GIVE 'em to you to try!
    This special set of 3 Tinted Super Glues includes 3 FREE bottles of our best-selling clear Super Glue—one of each viscosity.

    $25.26SAVE $18.30
  • StewMac Anchor for Dremel

    StewMac Anchor for Dremel

    Clamping a rotary tool directly to your bench is necessary when working with small guitar parts: buffing string nuts, detailing bridges, cutting truss rods to length, precise shaping of inlay work…the list goes on and on.

  • StewMac Chamfer Tool

    StewMac Chamfer Tool

    A specialty tool designed to put a clean chamfered edge on trimmed truss rods and machine thread screws. Use with light pressure in your hand drill.